Mission Statement

JLs EduServe Blog is purposely created:
ð To conveniently revolutionize fully researched best educational practices as well as to communicate interdependent scenarios and collaboratively build goal-oriented information in order to solve educational, business, career, economic, social and other related problems.
ð To share technical information about phones and Nigeria network providers by consistently providing timely, flexible, necessary, instructional and informative technical services and solutions.
ð To persuade and bring people to a deeper individual relationship with GOD through His Word by posting free online Bible study on various Christian related topics for the purpose of winning souls to God’s Kingdom (i.e. expansion of God’s Kingdom) and ensuring cordial relationship between men and God so that we Christians would always bear in mind the need to live a Godly lifestyle with eternity in view.

In a nutshell, JLs EduServe Blog is created as an initiative to enthusiastically provide free access to clear, concise and memorable information for the purpose of making educative process easier via the creation of long-term high-impact solutions to educational problems (especially to subjects or courses that are seemed too difficult to students, such as Mathematics, Business Statistics, Accounts, Taxation, Costing, Quantitative Techniques, Financial Management etc.) as well as posting of educational news, memorable stories, informational training, memorable poems, special quiz (questions and answers), inspirational quotes, concise advice, exciting jokes, interesting riddles, impressive facts, health tips, business tips, relationship tips, marriage tips, marketing tips, nourishing fruits, computer usage tips, financial issue tips etc., by using learner-friendly approach with great passion for simplicity to delight the readers.


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