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7 Ways to Develop or Display Good Manners in the Society

In a simple form, good manners mean acting in a way that is socially acceptable. It is a display of respect, care and consideration for others. It is also a show of excellent character that helps you to relate better with people whom you have just met.

7 Ways to Develop or Display Good Manners in the Society

Good manners make you shine as light for others to see your good character not just in words but in your actions.

The following are the seven (7) ways by which one can develop or display good manners in the society:

#1. Practice Basic Courtesy
Courtesy is simply defined as “polite behaviour” that shows respect for other people. Learn to say ‘thank you’, ‘please’, ‘sorry’, ‘take care’, ‘excuse me’, to people even if they do not seem to care about it. Do not shout but always speak with low voice when speaking to others.

Some people will definitely notice when you are courteous and respectful to them. Such good manners will grant you favour with people.

#2. Show Preference for Others
It is good to prefer others above yourself. If someone wants to push his/her way through, you make way for the person to pass instead of struggling with him. Give up your seat especially for elderly people, if there is nowhere for him/her to sit.

You can also hold the door open for someone coming closely behind you to pass instead of leaving it to slam in his/her face.

#3. Speak Politely
Do not use abusive or harsh words on people. Avoid discussing rude or dirty topics like sensitive parts of your body, gossips, dirty jokes or words that you will not want your parents to hear.

Keep the volume of your voice as low as possible, yet loud enough for your hearers. Do not shout on or at people. Remember that God takes records of every word that we speak.

#4. Lend a Hand
Always try as much as possible to assist people when there is a need for you to do so. When you meet your teacher or an elderly person (whom you know well and those you do not know well) on your way and you are going to the same place assist to carry his/her bag.

When you go to a friend’s house to call him/her for school or to play, assist with the house chores so that he/she can finish in good time.

#5. Congratulate People
Rejoice with and congratulate people who hace recently achieved success or something very great.

For example, congratulate and welcome a new student into your class, a boy/girl who passes his/her examination, a family who has just had a new baby, bought a new car or moved into their house. Even when you are defeated in a sporting event or academic competition, congratulate the winner.

#6. Greetings
Acknowledge the presence of people around you and greet them appropriately. Appreciate people and say “thank you” for every kind word or deed.

Have self-control and don’t be a talkative in the midst of others. Do not be proud. Be humble, warm and loving.

#7. Groom Yourself Appropriately
Whether you are going to school or office, place of worship, or any other outing, your good manners will go unnoticed if you are not well groomed. Take a shower regularly, put on clean clothes, and keep your hair neat and your nail short.

Finally, always have it at the back of your mind that ‘respect is reciprocal’ and “you will be addressed the way you dress or present yourself”. So, it is very important to start developing and displaying good manners to other people at various levels or areas such as family, group, community and organisation in order to live together peacefully.

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I hope you have found this write-up helpful and educative. Feel free to express your opinion on this post by stating other ways to show good manners in the society via comment box, and spend four seconds to share this article with your loved ones on social media.

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