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Walking with God to Become Fruitful

Text: Genesis 17:1 & 2

For every Christian to become fruitful in life, it’s a must that we all walk with God. Noah walked with God and his life was fruitful.


How One Can Walk with God to Become Fruitful
Fruitfulness has a tagged price that must be paid by anyone that is aiming to become fruitful in life which include but not limited to the following:
1.     Sacrifice your time for God (Lev. 26:2)
2.     Be a sheep for God (Psalm 23:1)
3.     Let your salvation be genuine
4.     By obeying His command (Lev. 26:3-7)
5.     You must be a witness for Him (Acts 1:8)
6.     Live your life to please God always

To live a fruitful life is not what you wish for yourself but it is what God expects from every man as a Christian or Christian to be.

It is a mandate by God to every Christian on earth to become fruitful and multiply (Gen. 1:22; 8:17).

When you walk in His ways, He will make you fruitful and prosper you (Col. 1:10).

Conclusively, walking with God to become fruitful is not a matter of choice but it is the right thing to do for as long as you are called to be fruitful, your life must reflect fruitfulness.

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I hope you have found this write-up enlightening. Feel free to add other ways you know Christians can follow in walking with God to become fruitful in this compromising world via comment box, and spend four seconds to share this article with your loved ones on social media.

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