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50 Literary Words Use for Places

Place is a very general word for talking about where something or someone is, which can be simply referred to as a space or area. For example, a particular point on a surface or a room, building, town, city, etc.

Hence, it is any area or apartment that is set aside for a particular purpose.

50 Literary Words Use for Places

Below is a collection of fifty (50) literary words commonly used for places, with concise meanings:
1.        A place where animals are butchered is called Abattoir.
2.        A place on a farm where milk is kept and butter and cheese are made is called Dairy.
3.        A place where money is coined by authority of government is called Mint.
4.        A place where medicines and medical supplies are dispensed is called Dispensary.
5.        A place where scientific experiments are carried out is called Laboratory.
6.        A place designed and equipped to observe astronomical phenomena is called Observatory.
7.        A place where orphans are dwelling for proper care is called Orphanage.
8.        A place where things are deposited for storage or safekeeping is called Repository.
9.        A place where plates, dishes, pots and other utensils are washed up is called Scullery.
10.  A place where people obtain food and refreshment is called Restaurant.
11.  A place frequently for reasons of pleasure or health is called Resort.
12.  A place where travellers are lodging overnight is called Inn or Hotel.
13.  A place where house refuse is reduced to ashes is called Incinerator.
14.  A place where soldiers are quartered is called Cantonment.
15.  A place where sick people are treated in school is called Infirmary.
16.  A place for treatment of sick people is called Hospital.
17.  A place for housing cars is called Garage.
18.  A place for storing threshed grain or animal feed is called Granary.
19.  A place for storing (or where transport vehicles load or offload) goods is called Depot.
20.  A place where liquid (i.e. water or oil) is collected and stored is called Reservoir.
21.  A place where goods are manufactured is called Factory.
22.  A place where records especially about an institution are collected and kept is called Archives.
23.  A place where bees are kept is called Apiary.
24.  A place where dried plants are kept is called Herbarium.
25.  A place where books and other materials are kept for reading, reference purpose, study or borrowing is called Library.
26.  A place where animals are kept for exhibition is called Zoo.
27.  A place where birds are kept is called Aviary.
28.  A place where live fish and underwater animals are kept is called Aquarium.
29.  A place where pigs are kept is called Sty.
30.  A place where rabbit are kept for breeding is called Warren.
31.  A place where students live is called Hostel.
32.  A place where dogs live is called Kennel.
33.  A place where horses live is called Stable.
34.  A place where cows live is called Pen.
35.  A place where lions live is called Den.
36.  A place where treasures of art are preserved or exhibited is called Museum.
37.  A place where athletic exercises are performed is called Gymnasium.
38.  A place where fowls sleep at night is called Roost.
39.  A place where wild animals live or rest is called Lair.
40.  A place where clothes are washed and ironed is called Laundry.
41.   A place where crude substance is purified or refined is called Refinery.
42.  A place where beer is manufactured or brewed by fermentation is called Brewery.
43.  A place where baked goods such as breads, cakes and pastries are produced or sold is called Bakery.
44.  A place where ships are built or repaired is called Dock.
45.  A place where ships are loaded and offloaded is called Quay.
46.  A kitchen inside ship is called Galley.
47.  A correctional institution for the detention, discipline and training of young or first offenders is called Reformatory.
48.  A preschool for children age 4 to 6 to prepare them for primary school is called Kindergarten.
49.  A sleeping room in school or colleges is called Dormitory.
50.  A large structure at an airport where aircraft can be stored and maintained is called Hangar.

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