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Introducing JLs EduServe Blog Monthly SpeciaIQuiz

Monthly SpeciaIQuiz is a general knowledge quiz or competition organized by JLs EduServe Blog, in which people especially students are expected to provide correct answers to the editorial questions published to test their IQ on a monthly basis i.e. once every month.

It is a form of educational competition purposely introduced by this weblog's administrator, OLUBAMIRO OLAJIDE DAVID, to test the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of all zealous students and to allow other people who are interested in taking education in Nigeria and the whole world to the next level by showcasing their educative experience.

Introducing JLs EduServe Blog Monthly SpeciaIQuiz

Time of Publication
The editorial questions of JLs EduServe Blog Monthly SpeciaIQuiz shall always be publishing any day in every second week of the month.

Number of Winners
Decision has been made to award prizes to the first two contestants who provide correct answers to the editorial questions.

How to Answer the Questions
All answers must be provided in form of comments and the format to follow in answering the editorial questions published is simple as follows:
"YOUR ANSWER space MOBILE PHONE NUMBER space CITY space E-MAIL" e.g. Philanthropist 08098765432 Abeokuta or

NOTE: You must type your answer in the comment box under each editorial question via JLs EduServe Blog.

*   Any person who posts in the comment box two or more times shall be disqualified.
*   Failure to follow all the necessary rules and regulation guiding the Quiz may lead to disqualification.
*   Anybody that fails to reach the required standard in terms of appropriate use of CAPITAL and or small letters, concord, parts of speech, correct spelling, etc. will be disqualified.
*   Abbreviations, acronyms and anonymous comments or nicknames are not allowed, thus the use of any of these may result to disqualification.

Publication of Answers
Answers to the editorial questions of JLs EduServe Blog Monthly SpeciaIQuiz shall usually be publishing any day in every last week of the month.

Declaration of Winners by the Quizmaster
The two winners of the month in JLs EduServe Blog Monthly SpeciaIQuiz shall be declared at the end of each calendar month to the general public alongside with the answers of the Quizmaster and the answers provided by the winners in order to ensure unbiasedness and transparency.

Meanwhile, the SpeciaIQuiz winner of the year shall be any person that is mostly emerged the winner of the month. Also, whoever that is emerged the winner of the month in a year at least nine (9) times will be specially awarded.

Apart from the intended recognition and ego boost the initiator and administrator of this weblog is intending to create for all winners of the months or years, the effort of the participants will be appreciated by awarding prizes either small or big based on the quizmaster's decision so as to encourage continuous participation in the quiz.

Appreciation from the Winners
Appreciative statements from the winners after being awarded will be highly welcomed in the comment box under the answers published for that month you emerged as the winner. This is not only done by you to showcase the high level of gratitude and good attitude you possess, but also to let our other zealous readers or participants be aware that the administrator of JLs EduServe Blog is doing great and keeping his promise.

Advice to All the Participants
Are you anticipating being the next declared winner of the month (or year)? Are you ready to let people know you through your IQ and be more recognized on the social media (i.e. Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, JLs EduServe Blog BBM Channel, Twitter, 2go to mention a few)? Are you the long-awaited man or woman with such great IQ expecting or waiting for in that blue-chip organization? If you are the one, then use this golden opportunity to showcase your IQ about that great educative experience you possess and stop hiding it because this may be the right time to meet someone who needs it in exchange for moral or monetary reward.

In addition, I will frankly advise ALL the participants or readers to follow our latest posts or get the latest update BY E-MAIL or FOLLOW me on Google+ in order to ensure prompt awareness of the next editorial questions posted, the declared winners of the month (or year) and other educational posts instantly.

...It's time to showcase your IQ about that great educative experience you possess!

PS: Please note that at the inception of this SpeciaIQuiz, Nigerians will be more focused upon so as to be able to reach them for their prizes. But as time goes on it will be done globally. Thanks for your understanding.

The day of commencement of this JLs EduServe Blog Monthly SpeciaIQuiz will be announced VERY SOON!

* * * * * * *
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