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Don't Go Alone, Invite GOD

You can only allow GOD to fulfill His promise in your life if you invite Him into your life by calling His name and believing strongly in His power. I knew you might have heard about this joke but don't forget that at times JOKES come from real stories or events that have happened or are yet to occur, for us to learn.

Don't Go Alone, Invite GOD

A girl was going on outing with her two female friends and their three boyfriends in a small car. Then, her mum said "may GOD protect you and let Him move with you". The daughter laughed in disguise and replied: "mum, the car is already full maybe if God moves in the boot, let Him try there". They then drove and went away. 

Along the way, a terrible accident happened to the extent that the car was destroyed beyond recognition; all who were in died and some of them were only recognized by checking on the clothes they wore.

Surprisingly, when the police opened the boot of the car, they found two trays of eggs which not even one was broken, in that crashed car.

It should be noteworthy that if the daughter had invited God and given Him a place in the car, He would have save them and no one would have injured or died as He protected the EGGS in the boot where He was given a place or space.

#1. Always invite GOD by calling His name through prayer whenever you want to embark on any journey, whether in good or bad time
#2. Allow Him to shield you from everything
#3. We can't do it alone, let's always invite Him to guide us

May Almighty God guide us everywhere we go and keep us away from accident and any other forms of bloodshed (AMEN).

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