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How to Check MAPOLY Admission Status

In Nigeria nowadays, the rate at which secondary school leavers are seeking for tertiary institution admission is very high and there is no assurance that all of them will gain admission immediately after leaving the secondary school or after when they eventually passed their exams which must include English Language and Mathematics plus any other minimum of three related department subjects relevant to the course he or she is intending to study. They keep trying, believing that “they are not a failure until they stop trying or give up to failure”.

How to Check MAPOLY Admission Status

Hence, while forging ahead to actualize their academic dreams in life; especially for the students who are processing admissions into Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta, the following step-by-step simple guideline has to be duly followed to check their MAPOLY admission status on the internet with ease.

>> Go to MAPOLY official website
>> Explore and click on "Prospective Students" under Quick Links
>> Click on "Continue Application"
>> Enter your "Username" and "Password"

(Post UTME applicants should use their 'UTME Registration Number' as “Username” whereas other applicants should use their 'Predetermined Name' entered while filling the application form as their own “Username” to avoid error)

>> Press "Log In"
>> Go to or click on "Check Admission Status" to know whether you have been offered provisional admission or not

Continue following the above steps to check your admission status on a regular basis if yours is reflecting "NO ADMISSION YET".

In case you have forgotten your password just enter your Username and click on "Forgot Password?”. System will generate your password for you automatically.

By following the above guideline, you can easily check your MAPOLY admission list or status without the need of someone else to do it for you on the internet.

Don’t worry; be happy even if it displays “no admission yet” because YOUR SUCCESS IS ASSURED!

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I hope you have found this write-up instructive. Feel free to let’s know any other challenge(s) you may be facing in the process to check your admission status on MAPOLY official website via comment box, and spend four seconds to share this article with your loved ones on social media.

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