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The Significance of Education in Nation Building

In a simple form, education is the process by which minds of people are developed through learning.

Education today has played many vital roles in the lives of the people, thereby improving the development of the environment.

The Significance of Education in Nation Building

Furthermore, education has helped the educated people by making things easier and faster for them than the less educated people, through the invention of technologies which make life more enjoyable.

Equally, education is what I see as the most needed tool in the development of the society. It has helped in the acquisition of knowledge and advancement of science and technology. It has made people more aware of the things going on in the society and the world at large.

Education has made it possible for people to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers and so many other important professions which have improved the growth of the society and the entire world. It has made people to be able to write, read and understand.

It has contributed and added great value to the improvement in the quality of living. For instance, those that are not educated and find it difficult to read will be the ones to call those that are educated to read for them.

Apart from this, education has made the country develop in different ways such as construction of good roads which will reduce accidents on our roads, building of industries such as agro-allied industries which process raw materials into finished goods that are consumed by human beings.

Paramount among the significance of education is that it develops business to boost the economy of the state. It has helped in improving the establishment of hospitals with doctors who are well trained for such career instead of quacks who will prescribe anti-malaria drug to someone having headache.

In conclusion, education is the bedrock of knowledge.

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