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20 Simple Riddles You Should Know

20 Simple Riddles You Should Know

1.     I am something; I have one leg and one head. What am I?
2.     I am something; when thrown in water I don't get wet?
3.     What goes down and never goes up?
4.     What goes up and never comes down?
5.     What is never part of a room but have the spelling of room at the back of it?
6.     What is it that people hate but never go far from it?
7.     Spell “how” in eleven letters?
8.     Spell “cow” in thirteen letters?
9.     What is the second largest continent?
10.   I am a beautiful girl; twenty-three (23) boys run after me, what am I?
11.   I am something; I am the root of all evil but people need me. What am I?
12.   I am something; I kiss my mother before I die. What am I?
13.   I am something; people hate me but always give me gifts. What am I?
14.   I am something; people use me to cook. What am I?
15.   I am something; I fly high in the sky. What am I?
16.   I am something; I live in the sky and I shine in the night. What am I?
17.   I am something; when you eat me, you grow. What am I?
18.   I am something; I am the one who created you. Who am I?
19.   I am something; you put your shoes on me. What am I?
20.   I am something; I bite people at night. What am I?

Mosquito (20)                                Mushroom (1)
Shadow (2)                                     Shoe Rack (19)
GOD (18)                                          Rain (3)
Age (4)                                              Food (17)
Star (16)                                          Mushroom (5)
Death (6)                                         Aeroplane (15)
Pot (14)                                            H O doubleyou (7)
See O doubleyou (8)                     Dustbin (13)
Matches (12)                                  Africa (9)
Ball (10)                                           Money (11)

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