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Story of Lazzie and the Ants

Story of Lazzie and the Ants

Once upon a time, there was a lazy and very unfriendly man whom everyone called Lazzie. He liked to profit from the work of others and was also very inquisitive about people's affairs.

Once, he saw that ants had begun building hills in his compound but he did not destroy them even though they killed his plants. Instead, he thought to himself “when the ants have built these hills very high, I will sit on top of them, then I shall be able to see all that my neighbours are doing, without leaving my compound”.
His thoughts pleased him and he was glad that the ants invaded his compound. Each day the pillar grew higher and at last the ants stopped the building. The ants began building elsewhere and Lazzie climbed on the top of ant hill in his compound and observed the activities of his neighbours. He could not help but laugh. But while he sat on the pillar, the ants begun to demolish his house and all that it contained.

And in a short while there was nothing left of all his food and possessions. Lazzie became the laughing-stock of the village, and everyone who saw him mocked him. Afterwards he died. And it is not known to this day whether he died of shame or laziness.

Children, it does not pay to be lazy. Laziness brings shame.


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