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Destiny: God’s Chosen/Written for Mankind

Destiny: God’s Chosen/Written for Mankind

TEXT: Lamentation 1:9; Jeremiah 1:5

What do we call destiny? Destiny means what man has been written with, that he will be. When we are talking about “me and my destiny in the hand of true God”, this means that our destiny comes from the hand of true God, who has chosen us for Himself for what has been written about us, there is nothing that one chooses for himself in the Bible.

Destiny is what has been written about from the beginning to the end in life about what to become (Luke 1:66).

There are some in the Bible that some things are written about them and what to pass through and what they became in life.

For example, Joseph – what God writes about his own comes to fulfillment. Because it is God that gives him the gift of interpreting dreams, not him that chooses it when he gets to the world, he becomes a slave, he walks in God’s path, he never allows the world, Satan and sin to kill God’s glory in his life (Gen. 39:9).

Of a truth, it is one person that was cursed that he won’t excel, who was Reuben that defiled his father’s couch. God has a good destiny for him as well, but he used his own hand to sell out his glory as a result of immorality, and received curse from his father (Gen. 49:1-4). He said my ways are not yours, it is in man’s way destiny is being used, but in God’s way what has been written is being used (I Cor. 2:5-16).

What Was Written About the People that God Used in the Bible
>   God related with Jeremiah as His minister, as it has been written about as a man (Jer. 1:5)
>   God related with John as His minister as it has been written about him (Luke 3:4-6)
>   Likewise, He related with Jesus in a different and powerful than others. It has been written about Jesus to come redeem mankind, this shows where He read the Holy scriptures in the synagogue (Luke 4:17 & 18)
>   It is God that chosen us, he can make us to be what He wants us to be for His glory, because all what is written is in the hand of God (Isaiah 49:15 & 16)

I believe that God chooses for man what to become in the world, in the journey He will embark upon from the beginning to the end of his life. But to fulfill this lies in man’s hand.

Finally, you are to strive hard concerning what has been written about you that Yoruba called “What you choose that is your glory”, so that Satan may not destroy it in your hand.

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