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Ability (Part 3)

Ability (Part 3)
TEXT: Jeremiah 1:4-10

When a man discovers himself it will be easy for him to fulfill purpose in life as he puts God’s given gifts into use to carry out God’s given assignment. Do away with excuses because God is not interested in them rather than to discover yourself and do according to His heart desire. Do not forget you will stand to give accounts of both used and unused gifts of yours. That will determine your place in eternity.

Stop Giving Excuses
Men are fond of giving excuses in/for everything. Giving excuses started with Adam and it will continue till the second coming of Jesus Christ. But do we know that none of these excuses God will accept from men. What are the excuses of the servant with one talent? Read Matthew 25:24 & 25.
1.     I knew thee that thou art an hard man;
2.     Reaping where thou has not sown;
3.     Gathering where thou has not strawed;
4.     I am afraid.

Because of the excuses, he went and hid his one given talent in the earth. Many gifts in the life of many Christians are lying fallowed today because of excuses not knowing that they are having ability like in the life of the following men of God:
>   MOSES: I am not eloquent, I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue (Exo. 4:10)
>   JEREMIAH: I cannot speak: for I am a child (Jer. 1:6)
>   ADAM: …the woman whom thou gavest to be with me… (Gen. 3:12)

Though He knew very well about the weaknesses they were pointing to yet commissioned them for the assignment because He knew that they have the ability to do the assignment successfully.

Your excuse is an evidence to show that you lack confidence in your own ability. Therefore, do not score yourself low because of excuses. Excuse will not take you to anywhere than condemnation before God.


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