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Ability (Part 2)

Ability (Part 2)

TEXT: James 1:17

God is the giver of all good gifts – be physical or spiritual. He gives out these gifts to the recipient man for a purpose. It is a pity that many discover theirs and use them maximally to carry out God’s given assignment, while some underutilize theirs and some may not even discover theirs. Which of these groups do you belong to? Examine yourself!

The Assignment and the Tools
God has a unique assignment for His children as the noble man and his servants in Luke 19 verse 11 to 13. God wants His own children to be occupied till He comes back again executing the kingdom business – the assignment of bringing men to His Kingdom (Mark 16:15). To be able to succeed in executing this assignment He has endowed them with some natural abilities – talents and supernatural abilities – gifts.

These tools in the life of a true child of God will go a long way to help him achieve success in the assignment God has committed into his hand. But we need to have understanding of these tools in this manner.
>   Talents are natural e.g. musical ability, athletic ability etc. but gifts are supernatural (Eph. 4:8, 11; I Cor.12:1, 4-11; Rom. 12:4-8)
>   Talents are received at the first birth but gifts are received at the time of new birth
>   Talents can be possessed by all but gifts are possessed by the saved people
>   Talents can be inherited from one’s parents but gifts are from God

Why Did the Master Stay Long Before Coming Back?
It is written in Matthew 25 verses 15 that after given out his resources to his servants he embarked upon his journey and in verse 19 Bible says after a long time he returned. What are the reasons for this?
1.     He gave them time to work on the talents
2.     He wanted to test their faithfulness
3.     He wanted to test their endurance
4.     To avoid excuses

Jesus, our Master, will soon come. How are you doing the work He assigned to you? Remember that He has given you and me all the necessary resources to meet up, discover these potentials now.

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