Tuesday, June 21

5 Steps to Salvation


There are five steps you need to take in life to obtain the eternal salvation from God. “Without doubt, everybody wants to have the salvation of God”. Nobody wants to perish after the physical death; and this is why there are numerous religions and worshippers all over the world. Every worshipper wants to appease God through his religious effort with a view to securing eternal salvation. But man's religious effort cannot give him the salvation of God, because his religion has no power to prevent him from sinful living. Sin separates man from God's favour (Isaiah 59:1-2).

Everybody is a sinner (Romans 6:23). The Word of God says that “the soul that sins shall die, because the wages of sin is death” (Ezekiel 18:4; Romans 3:23). Since we have nothing to give God in exchange for getting eternal salvation, God Himself gave us His only begotten Son – JESUS CHRIST, freely as a sacrifice for sins of the whole world (John 3:16). Therefore, my friend, if by faith you will take these five steps today, you will be saved eternally. You will know that you are qualified for heaven; and you won't be afraid of eternal death anymore.

These are the 5 steps to salvation:
STEP ONE: Believe that you are a sinner and that nobody can forgive and cleanse you from your sin except God (Psalm 51:5; Luke 18:13).

STEP TWO: Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth (loudly) that Jesus Christ suffered on the cross and died because of your sin. Confess that you now have faith in the cleansing power of His bloodshed for the remission of your sin (Isaiah 53:3-6).

STEP THREE: Confess your sin to God wholeheartedly and ask for His mercy and forgiveness. Ask Him to cleanse you from all your sins with the blood of Jesus Christ (Prov. 28:13; I John 1:7-9).

STEP FOUR:  Confess with your mouth that you forsake the devil and his works, because Jesus Christ died for your sin and He rose on the third day for your justification. Confess that you now accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Invite Him to reign in your heart henceforth (Romans 10:9-10).

STEP FIVE: Decide to live the rest of your life for God; pray that the Holy Spirit will give you power over the devil, the world and sin all the days of your life (Matthew 12:12-13).

Dear friend, if you can take the five steps explained above, and you pray in the name of Jesus Christ, you will be saved (Acts 4:12). The joy of salvation will come into your heart and you will become a child of God (John 1:12; Acts 2:21).

For your spiritual growth in the Word of God and prayers, join a gospel church nearest to your house today, as this will enable you not to live in sin again and maintain your salvation.


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