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26 Short Tips for Marriage

26 Short Tips for Marriage
These 26 short tips for marriage can make your home blissful if properly observe and adhere to on regular basis:
1.           Start each day with a kiss
2.           Accept differences
3.           Be polite to each other
4.           Be gentle at all times
5.           Give gifts to each other unprepared for
6.           Smile often together
7.           Touch with a surprise intention
8.           Talk about dream
9.           Select a song that can be “our family song”
10.     Have a family inspirational quote(s) that will add value to your vision
11.     Laugh together
12.     Send a card unexpectedly for no reason
13.     Do what your partner wants before he or she asks
14.     Listen attentively to each other
15.     Encourage each other stop complaining or condemning
16.     Do it his or her way
17.     Know his or her needs beforehand
18.     Compliment at least twice a day
19.     Ask for each other’s opinion or advice
20.     Show respect
21.     Apologize where need be
22.     Forgive each other
23.     Romanize about your favourite time together
24.     Treat each other’s friends and relatives with courtesy
25.     Pray for each other daily
26.     Say “LOVE YOU” frequently

May God give us the grace, faith and strength to do these 26 short tips for marriage in Jesus Name and have a happy home throughout our lifespan! Amen.


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