Thursday, May 19

Stay Focus

What is focus? Focus is the act of directing your attention to what you want to do with very clear aims. I'm not saying you should direct your attention towards films, video games, cartoons and chat rooms on social networks etc. but direct your attention towards what is good and something that is fruitful, like your book, academics and towards your education.

When you are focused, you don't need your parents or teachers to tell you before you read. Back in those days, the zealous (serious) students would burn midnight candle to read or dip their legs inside water to prevent sleeping while reading. The lackadaisical (unserious) students will be playing away their time. Forgetting that, time is precious and any time lost can never be regained.

Focus on what you want to do now, avoid procrastination so that you can achieve your goals in life. To have clear goals or clear aims requires total commitment, dogged determination and a lot of hard work.

Be clear and focused on what you are going to school to do. Establish specific goals you wish to accomplish, know what it takes to reach these goals. Be certain your goals are consistent with your interests and abilities. Focus, never allow any distractions because you have a goal to achieve and may God help you. (Amen).


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