Tuesday, March 8

Praying a Prevailing Prayer (Part 2)

TEXT: Jeremiah 33:3

I believe it is right time we should know how important we are in the hand of God because many never knows how unique they are in the hand of God, that is the reason why they are still looking for spokesman. When you know your place in God then your problem is solved. It does not matter what you are passing through, it will matter when it is matter most. Know this for sure, you can never be mature in prayers because day by day you will surely be learning new things in prayer and you will be growing spiritually (Luke 11:1-11).

5 Things that Are Affecting Your Uniqueness before God
1.     Sin
2.     Unstableness
3.     Not knowing what you carry or believe
4.     Not knowing your place before God
5.     Lack of faith (Heb. 11:1-6)

NOTE: Ruth discovered her uniqueness before God and understands her place before God that was why she succeeded in her journey. She never gave up in the midst of her challenges and at the end she laughed best.

>   Nobody can talk best to your Father but you (Jer. 33:3).
>   Know your Father, talk to Him and He will answer you (Rom. 12:12; Luke 11:11).
>   You must always be constant in your prayers (Col. 4:2) so as to continue discovering new things day by day.

What Does It Mean to Be Unique?
*    To be unique means to do something special that is not common.
*    To be a different person (No one has your type on earth you are a different identity).

Factors to Consider About Being Unique in Prevailing Prayer
*    You must not use God (Judges 6:26)
*    Be sincere in all your dealings (Psalm 139:14)
*    Don’t be for show up
*    Don’t use it to oppress others
*    Don’t be a talkative
*    Keep your secret, secret
*    Don’t allow pride to possess you (Prov. 29:23; 14:3)
*    Always be encouraged in Christ

Your being unique in prevailing prayer will make you learn day by day and Christ will build you up Himself. Men of prayers desire nations.


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