Tuesday, March 8

Praying a Prevailing Prayer (Part 1)

TEXT: Matthew 11:12

At the end of this topic, you should be able to know your prayer life in God and take your stand. Because when someone lives a life of prayerlessness, such person will become so cheap in the midst of problem. Problem(s) is bound to happen, challenges are bound to come, but what you do in the midst of challenges is what matters (Gen. 1:1-3). In this topic, you are going to see what your prayer life do for you (Matt. 11:12) and I pray that after reading this write-up, the grace to discover and recover all what have been hidden from you and me, the Lord will give it to you and I in Jesus name (Amen).

11 Things that Your Prayer Life Will Do For You
1.        Your prayer life will make you to excel (Dan. 6:10)
2.        Your prayer life will make you to discover (Dan. 4:1-23)
3.        Your prayer life will make you strong
4.        Your prayer life will make you want to learn
5.        Your prayer life will make you stay focus (Gen. 40:8-12)
6.        Your prayer life will always make you tasty for God
7.        Your prayer life will break problems when you are violent (I Kings 17:1; 18:42-44)
8.        Your prayer life will turn things around for good
9.        Your prayer life will make you always hit the target
10.  Your prayer life calls for God’s divine intervention (Zach. 4:5-6)
11.  Your prayer life gives you authority (Gen. 1:27)

Any one tired of prayer is tired of living on this earth. When you are full of prayer you are full of life.


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