Saturday, March 26

The Need to Resolve Insecurity in Nigeria

Insecurity is a torn in the flesh of Nigeria. Nigeria has experienced so many disasters, caused mainly by insecurity, but this country belongs to us all and we Nigerians must join hands in trying to salvage insecurity.

Insecurity is a state of being subjected to danger. First, let us make it clear that more lives are lost in our country through road crashes, diseases, lack of commitment and care by our various governments, ignorance, illiteracy and poverty. Governments are the causes of the deaths of so many Nigerians, directly and indirectly, mostly as a result of massive and unchecked corruption, greed, selfishness, lack of political will and good conscience.

The peace of the morning of Friday August 26, 2011 was disturbed when an explosive car, driven by a suicide bomber smashed in the United Nations building in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, knocking down two gates in its path before detonating. The resulting bank and the havoc it left behind, including the many lost lives and the scars, is one that will not only take a long time to heal especially those who were direct victims.

The attack on the UN Building was a new threshold in what has been a rapidly increasing attack by the Boko Haram sect in Nigeria. The group which says it is against Western education has rapidly turned from an obscure group of extremist to one that has capacity to cause large scale destruction.

Today, it is news of bomb blast. Yesterday, it was a suicide bombing, tomorrow; it may be an assassination and the day after, mass murder. Every day in Nigeria, the news seems to get from bad to worse, as security situation deteriorates further and further.

There is no doubt that a lot of measures need to be put in place to resolve insecurity in the country. New security policies, thinking and strategies need to be developed. Corruption, insecurity and bad governance has to be totally stopped by all means, the government and the people need to develop trust and work together to resolve the insecurity situation for Nigeria to move forward.


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