Friday, March 11

Candid Advice to All LADIES

With all SINCERITY young girls or ladies,
you truly look PRETTY but I have to warn you
not to lose your VIRGINITY.
Don't allow what you see in your VICINITY
to break your wall of SECURITY.
protect it and make it your number one PRIORITY.
Don't allow error of PROXIMITY
to lead you into IMMORALITY.
Some of your friends call you MINORITY
because you don't follow their PARTY OF MAJORITY.
They show off their body as PUBLICITY for money
and also committing ATROCITY.
Now you are feeling PITY for yourself
and a sense of INSECURITY,
and thinking of embracing their INSANITY.
But listen to me dear, don't listen to them
because all is VANITY upon VANITY.
My sweetie with Baba GOD, the ruler of ETERNITY,
you have a true IDENTITY and you are covered by
divine IMMUNITY.
Leave them to PARTY in their IRASCIBILITY
because in REALITY, the end is CALAMITY.
They will also become HIV CASUALTY.

If you have lost your VIRGINITY already,
don't worry, GOD can still give you a new IDENTITY.
but you have to stop all IMMORALITY
so that you can get access into the beautiful CITY
prepared by the Almighty GOD.
Please don't lose your INTEGRITY
and bring shame to the GOD of INFINITY.
I rest my case with all HONESTY.


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