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Effect of Drug Abuse

Effect of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is the taking of drugs without prescription or taking hard drugs like marijuana, cocaine, etc. Drug abuse has a very bad effect on those who do it. An effect on these people is that it makes them lose their senses. It sometimes kills some who are drug addicts.

Smoking is also drug abuse, for it might cause cancer of the lungs which has no cure and may lead to the smoker's death. I hereby conclude that drug abuse has a very bad effect on people.

People who smoke marijuana, weed, etc. sometimes become insane. Some people also drink while driving which may cause car accidents leading to loss of lives.

I wish that the people taking drugs, alcohol, overdose, etc. should stop. For it would be leading to people losing their lives. Adults are the ones who do these things most. So please stop it for we don't want the children to copy them and become corrupted.

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