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Why Studying the Bible?

Why Studying the Bible?

HOLY BIBLE, as the inspired and authoritative Words of God, is a sacred book that is not merely meant for reading alone but a special book to study, meditate and apply to life activities in order to reveal to us divine plan and purpose for every person’s life. It is available for us to learn from, not only on an intellectual level, but on a personal and emotional level.

Holy Bible is completely reliable and without error, purposely written to prepare, equip and inspire us to serve God wholeheartedly (II Tim. 3:17, Eph. 6:17, Heb. 4:14) and to show us just how much God loves us (Rom. 5:6-8, John 3:16)

7 Other Reasons why we should Study Holy Bible are:
1.  to have deeper personal relationship with God
2.  to collectively grasp an understanding of God through His Words
3.  to help us to know how to be saved from our sins and its ultimate consequences (II Tim. 3:15)
4.  to bring or attract God’s blessing and success in life   (James 1:25, Joshua 1:8)
5.  to give us divine guidance in life by making us wiser than our teachers
6.  to assist us in seeing sins in our lives and get rid of it (Psalm 119:9, 11)
7.  to keep us from wasting years of our lives on that which does not matter and will not last (Matt. 7:24-27, 6:33)

Conclusively, there are many other reasons we need to study His writing Words (i.e. our Bible). But for us not to be foolish, we must study the Holy Bible.

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