Tuesday, July 14

Brokenness (Part 3)

brokenness p3

TEXT: Romans 12:1

When you are broken, you forget who you are, you will forget that you have a university degree, you are a chief judge, you are a doctor etc because they are mere titles and are like labels on a bottle which will be torn off immediately the Lord calls you back home.

To be broken is a thing of the heart not what one is declaring about himself. God uses our brokenness to prepare us for a better future in His service.

How God Breaks His Own
1.     By His Word (Acts 2:37)
2.     By denying us some things
3.     By humiliating revelation (Isaiah 6)
4.     By using ignoble things in place of noble thing (I Cor. 1:27)

Benefits of Brokenness
1.     It is a pathway to spiritual power and maturity
2.     It prepares us for maximum usefulness
3.     It is a pre-requisite for being a true Christian soldier (II Tim. 4:7)
4.     It helps us to walk by faith (II Cor. 5:7)
5.     It opens us to corrections and helps us to have a teachable spirit
6.     It helps us to have a good relationship with God
7.     It incapacitates Satan over us as Christians
8.     It helps us to have a result-oriented service in the Lord

Stop seeing yourself as something before God when He is seeing you as nothing because of your sins, iniquities and unbroken heart. Many could have had a higher walk with God but their failure to summit themselves to God for breaking has denied them of such.


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