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Brokenness (Part 2)

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TEXT: II Corinthians 5:17

Having gone through what brokenness is all about and what to know about it, we have been able to know that it is God’s expectation in every Christian to be broken so that He can fully do what He wants to do with such a Christian. At the point of brokenness is a point of having victory over the flesh or self. As it is known that brokenness in man’s life brings out the best in him.

Broken People in the Bible
There are many people to point at, but few shall be considered in this study:
1.     Moses was broken in the desert for forty years
2.     Jacob when his hollow joint was touched (Gen. 32:22-25; 33:3)
3.     King David (II Sam. 12:1-13)
4.     Apostle Paul thorn in his flesh which helped him not to exalt himself, despite of his impressive credentials

13 Qualities of a Broken Man
1.           He is quick to repent (II Sam. 12:13)
2.           He walks not after the flesh (Romans 8:1)
3.           He does not have desire to be well known (Matt. 8:4)
4.           He has ability to go and apologize to offended people even to people who are lower than him (Acts 23:1-5)
5.           He does not go by public opinion
6.           He makes prompt restitution (Luke 19:8)
7.           He does not live on the praise of the society (Acts 14:1-15; 3:1-12)
8.           He is always willing to forgive anyone who offended him (Acts 7:60)
9.           He obeys God without questioning
10.     He does not carry grudges to the grave (Acts 7:60)
11.     He is willing to forget the past (Philippians 3:13)
12.     He is ready to take correction (Galatians 2:11)
13.     He does not willfully reject a clear guidance from the Lord (Acts 8:29 & 30; 10:19-21)

Every Christian who is aiming at heaven, that is, the kingdom of God should strive hard to possess these qualities and other ones the Lord will be opening his eyes to.


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