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Brokenness (Part 1)

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TEXT: John 12:24

Broken things in the secular world are no longer useful once they are broken and therefore thrown out, but brokenness in the spiritual part/realm is essential because it determines the level of usefulness of such thing most importantly man.

Many Christians desire to be mightily used by God, desire God’s anointing on them, this can only be possible when there is brokenness. Note this, the deeper your brokenness, the greater your spiritual power would be.

What is Brokenness?
Brokenness is allowing/creating a free access for the Holy Spirit in every area of one’s life. When this happens self is defeated through crucifixion (Gal. 5:24) whereby self-will, self-reliance, self-righteousness, etc. gives way. Or brokenness is when Satan has nothing to do in and with you (John 14:30). Brokenness is not an easy thing because the flesh would resist it. The flesh would tell you that what you are about to do is too hard but you have to do it to be broken.

What to Know About Brokenness
1.     Brokenness is painful and sometimes humiliating, but it is the only way to spiritual power (Phil. 3:7 & 8)
2.     God only used broken thing/man because that is what He is interested in. It is God’s requirement for maximum usefulness e.g. Paul, etc.
3.     It’s the Lord’s method of dealing with our self-reliance that desires within us to act independently from Him
4.     It is rewardable (II Tim. 4:7 & 8)

One of the requirements any Christian needed to have before he can make it to heaven is brokenness. This will help one to do away with the elements that will not allow God to have His way in one’s life. The question now is “can you broke yourself or be broken by God?” My short answer to this is that “God is only spiritual man that can broke unbelievers (even disguised believers) but real believers or Christians can broke himself/herself through self determination to be with God in heaven.


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