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Set Your Mind Right

In reality, the only real asset you have is your mind, the most powerful tool we have dominion over. Mind is like a sailing boat. The type of boat and the place where the boat travels usually determine who will constitute the passengers in the boat.

“Experience, confidence and determination” now decide who to sail the boat. So also is our mind. You are the boat sailing for a destination. The type of person you are (self-esteem), the type of dreams, desires and aspirations determine what will make up your thinking, reasoning and imagination. Therefore, experience, confidence and determination now serve as a ‘driving force’ to the realization of the aspired DREAMS and DESIRES.

Set Your Mind Right

What is your dream in life? What steps do you think you need to take in order to achieve your dream? How big do you think the dream is? Perhaps the dream might look so big that you think it can never be accomplished, you might have even been faced with so many discouraging criticisms from people around you – friends, family and circumstances that surround your living and this has made you to write off your God-given dream(s) in life thinking you are only building castle in the air.

Here is good news for YOU! God is at work in your life, He has made the dream conceivable, the product achievable, the process endurable and you capable. All you need to do now is to learn from the mistakes and experience of others who have gone through similar situation you are passing through and have finally made it to the top.

Just after then, renew your confidence in your aspired dreams; believe in yourself that you can make it. Then, have a strong determination to pay the price for excellence and be resolute in your mind that “no matter what may come your way”, you will get there.

Finally and above it all, release your life and everything about you to GOD because every good dream and desire comes from Him and more so without you giving your life to Him (God), the devil might end up making a mess of you and your dream.

Even if in your own case, you haven’t got a definite goal and dream, pray to God to give you one and He would not hesitate to give you if only you have given your life to Him and your ways are right before Him (Matthew 7: 7 & 11).

See YOU at the top. God bless you!

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