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Christians: Encouragers of the Discouraged

Meaning of Keywords
Encourager is someone who gives consolation by inspiring others with courage, spirit or confidence or stimulating others by approval or assistance.

The discouraged is one who has being deprived of confidence, hope or spirit through the expression of disapproval or raising objections against him/her.

Discourager, on the other hand, is one who always tries to prevent someone or others by expressing disapproval or raising objections so as to deprive such person or people of their needed confidence or hope.

In Second Corinthians chapter 1 verse 3 and 4, the Bible calls God “the God of all comfort or encouragement”. So for us to encourage others is to be like God or live a Christ-like life.

Christians: Encouragers of the Discouraged

Nowadays, we need some Barnabas (sons of encouragement or consolation) among Christians, because encouragement is one of the spiritual gifts from God.

God has called Christians to be encouragers by building one another up, inspiring one another and strengthening one another in our faith (I Thess. 5:11, Heb. 3:13). Despite that calling, sometimes, we do just the opposite of what God is expecting from us by:
* Discouraging one another instead of encouraging one another
* Concentrating on people’s weaknesses and faults instead of their strengths
* Criticizing others instead of complimenting them on their good qualities
* Tearing down instead of building up

8 Qualities of Encouragers
1.  An encourager sacrifices for others through sacrificial giving (Acts 4:32-37)
2.  An encourager sees the best in others and not the worst or weaknesses
3.  An encourager is slow to judge others [Acts 15:36-40]
4.  An encourager looks for opportunities in others
5.  An encourager draws others into ministry (Acts 9:26-28; 11:25 & 26; 12:25)
6.  An encourager sees the grace of God in others (Acts 11:23; 14:22)
7.  An encourager tells successful motivational stories (Acts 14:27; 15:3; 15:12)
8.  An encourager expects God to change people and turn their lives around (Acts 15:37; Col. 4:10)

5 Ways to Be a Source of Encouragement to Others
1.  Encourage others by practicing stewardship to everyone (Acts 4:37)
2.  Encourage others by extending true friendship (Acts 9:26-27)
3.  Encourage others by building trustworthy partnerships
4.  Encourage others by developing leadership (Acts 11:24-26)
5.  Encourage others by re-building relationships

Brethren, you need to be a person of encouragement! The Bible commands us to do so. By being an encourager, you can change someone’s life, and we can also build people’s self-worth.

It is so easy to get caught up in tearing others down. But this mindset is worthless and not positively rewarding. There is nothing good that can come out of discouraging others. So if you have been constantly tearing people down before, it is time to stop it and start building them up with kind words of encouragement.

Question to Personally Answer
Do you want to be remembered as an encourager or a discourager after your existence in this earth? You definitely know the answer to that question and who you are presently, but there is still time to change your ways of life.

Prayers Point
1>  God make me an encourager for your glory;
2>  In the absence of a spirit-filled encourager, Lord let your Holy Spirit always take control and comfort my soul.

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