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A Purposeful Youth (Part 3)

16 Things You Can Still Do in Your Early Life as Youth
In this your early life/stage, you still have the strength or drive to:
1]     Call upon or get closer to Able GOD in order for HIM to reveal His purpose(s) of creating you.
2]     Seek Holy Spirit to see you through in all your ways or plans or endeavours.
3]     Run away from sins because a purposeful youth who fail to do this will be in bondage of poverty for life since "poverty is meant for sinners".
4]     Discover your talent(s) or gift(s) spiritually and physically.
5]     Read books (especially Holy Bible and motivational write-ups).
6]     Meditate positively because "every productive thinking is an elevation to success" and "the level of your thinking will surely determine your accomplishment in life". Therefore, this is a stage of life when you can use your thinking or brain to change your life from zero to hero.
7]     Yearn or desire for good things to happen in your lives.
8]     Learn from experiences because an adage says "experience is the best teacher".
9]     Decide not to entertain poverty because "money is like a visitor" and once it comes you should make sure that, you use it effectively and wisely to quench the power of poverty in life.
10]  Allow money to work for you, stop working for money.
11]  Teach yourself or your kids about money so as to have a future financial success.
12]  Utilize your brain to plan for the future because "he who fails to plan will surely plan to fail".
13]  Define once and for all, the meaning and difference between "an asset" and "a liability".
14]  Make the right choice on investing part of your income into a lucrative investment (such as "buying of shares", "estate management", network marketing business, online business, to mention a few).
15] Put your money in establishing a profitable business in order for you to become "a manager of managers" one day.
16] Finally, try to "have two or more sources of income" to make sure that your income is not always coming from one source.

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The Power of Money and Personal Belief in the Life of Purposeful Youth Swimming in the Pond of Poverty
Many youth have purposeful lives, but their personal believes or what they listen to, affect their lives depressingly. Meanwhile, as a purposeful determined youth, you must not create room for other purposeless youth or people’s negative thought to negatively influence your fulfilling future.

The Bible says in Ephesians 5:15 that "See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise". Therefore, a wise purposeful youth should change his/her thought or mentality about money in order to experience in a new dimension the power of money and personal belief in his/her life.

Yoruba general belief is that "ti ounje ba kuro ninu ise, ise bu se" (meaning that "once there is food, there is nothing like poverty") which is a lie. Money has power over poverty; therefore "money in poverty makes life better than availability of food". It should be noted that "money is just one form of power while financial education or financial literacy is the ultimate power.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, a native of Hawaii and fourth-generation Japanese American, says "the main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learned nothing about money". The result is that people learn to work for money, but never learn to have money work for them".

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