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A Purposeful Youth (Part 2)

What is a Life Purpose Statement?
Life purpose statement means:
1] a statement that will summarize God’s purposes for your life;
2] a statement that will point the direction of your life;
3] a statement that will define success for you; 
4] a statement that will clarify your roles;
5] a statement that will express your shape

8 Benefits of Knowing God’s Purpose
Knowing God’s purpose for creating you into this world will:
1] reduce your stress,
2] focus or motivate your energy,
3] simplify your life and decisions,
4] give meaning to your life,
5] create an easy way to financial freedom,
6] create a room for you to gain total control of your financial future,
7] increase your satisfaction (i.e. pleasure / happiness / fulfillment), and
8] most importantly, prepare you for eternity.


Why Do You Think People Try to Discover Their Life’s Purpose without Turning to God, Their Creator?
These are some of the answers or excuses giving by people on the reason why they failed or decided not to turn to God in the process of discovering their life's purpose on earth:
1] If I turned to God I might lose control of my life
2] God might take away all my fun
3] If there is a God, He’s definitely bigger than me and probably has some demands on my life
4] They always want to do things in their ways. (Theme song: "I Did It My Way”)
5]  They want to be in control of their own destiny
6] They are afraid of God, they don’t know God, or they find God too mysterious (strange or secretive)
7] They think God’s idea of purpose is probably pretty religious and definitely boring
8] They like religion about as much as they like politics; they don’t want to get into a discussion about either one
9] They don’t believe in creation

They’ll have to find a purpose apart from a designed existence because that’s what they've learned to believe. Being confused about your purpose in life is not a bad thing. It is actually something that can awaken a desire to seek the truth about "who you are" and "why you’re here on earth".

Disguised Christians in the church nowadays often mislead purposeful youth among real Christians. II Peter 3:17 (CEV) says "Do not let the errors of evil people lead you down the wrong path and make you lose your balance". If care is not taken, a purposeful youth can live a purposeless life once he/she failed to seek the direction and the mindset of God and that of Holy Spirit towards the achievement of his/her purpose of living.

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